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Course Overview.

Part 1: Understanding Effects

Here is an overview of Part 1 and what you will learn (click on each topic to learn more). Part 1 will show you how a wide range of effects work, how to control them and how to use them in your rig. From pedal placement to combining effects, you will gain a solid understanding of all common effects by the end of this part of the course.

Click the modules below to see what you will learn in the course:

Gain Based Effects

Learn the differences and similarities between overdrive, distortion and fuzz so you can pick the ideal gain effect for any situation. Find out where you should place your gain pedals and why.

Dynamic Effects

Find out how compressors, boosters, noise gates and limiters can enhance or clean up your tone.  Hear each type of pedal in action and learn when to use them.

Modulation Effects

It's time to add some character to your tone! Find out how phasers, flangers, chorus, Uni-Vibe and Tremolo work and how they can be used to add some color and life to your tone. Learn to pick the perfect modulation effect for any song and where to place the pedal in your rig.

Filter Effects

Filters can shape and enhance your tone and can turn a 'good' tone into a 'great tone'. Learn all about EQ and the frequency spectrum so you can dial in and tweak the perfect tone in recordings or in live performance. Find out how a wah pedal works and how it compares to auto-wahs and envelope filters.

Pitch Effects

Pitch effects can give you a lot of inspiration and boost your creativity in ways other pedals can't. Learn the difference between pitch shifters, 'dumb' and 'smart' harmonizers, and octave pedals. Find out why they're so useful and how they work.

Time Effects

Time effects are a powerful way to add something special to your tone. Learn the various types of analog and digital delays and how each type can be used to spark inspiration. Learn the different types of reverb and how to use it to give your tone character.

Part 2: Tone Fundamentals

Part 2 takes a closer look at tone in general. From setting up different clean tones to dialing in the perfect gain tone, you will learn everything needed to create a wide range of tones. Getting the most out of your effects pedals depends on how well you can set up your tone. By the end of this part of the course you will have a solid understanding of tone and how to dial in the right tones for your needs.

Guitar Basics

You've probably heard the saying "tone is in the fingers". In this lesson you will find out exactly what that means and how you can shape and control your tone using your fingers, pick, strings and pickups.

Amp Basics

Learn about the different types of guitar amps such as tube and valve amps, solid state amps, hybrid amps, modelling amps and acoustic amps. Hear how the different types of amps shape your tone and what type of tones can be created from each type of amp.

Clean Tones

A good quality clean tone can bring your effects pedals to life. Learn how to set up a few different types of clean tones and why different types of clean tones are suitable for different styles of music.

Crunch Tones

Crunch (drive) tones may seem simple at first, but there's a lot to think about when setting them up. A poorly set up crunch tone can sound horrible when performing live or practicing with a band. Practice setting up different types of crunch tones and learn how to shape them to suit the style of music you play.

Future Content

More content will be added to the course over time covering different effects, tones, and more. As more content is added to the course, the price of the course will go up. Buying the course now gives you access to all current and future content at the lower price.

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This course will break down the different types of guitar effects, how they work, where to place them and how you can control them.

The goal of this course is to be the most comprehensive guitar effects and tone course available online.

Don't guess when it comes to your tone - find out what really works.

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